What else can I say now? :”>

This makes my heart pumped like never before..

It’s been a while…

1st GIF: Hand Extension

2nd GIF: Lingon-lingon moment.

3rd GIF: One-step-dikit-at-a-time

4th GIF: Back View Chemistry

5th GIF: Usap usap din pag may time :”“>

6th GIF: Moving Closer through a one sided step.

7th GIF: The POSITIVE Energy :>

8th GIF: No more space for hate. *PEACE*

"Audrey.. Di kita pababayaan.."


His Gwiyomi is the best. Not even being bias here. :””>

-Loren xx

and they lived happily ever after

Do Min Joon ♥ Cheon Song Yi | YWCFTS ep21 final epilogue

What good is having super powers? He passes out every time we kiss.

…and I’m perfectly happy.


been so happy with this drama

"I’m home.."

400 years ago, I came to a foreign planet. Ever since then, there is a principle that I have strictly abided by. 'If it's hard to bear when it's lost, then I should never have it in the first place.' Ultimately I’ll be leaving. And I won’t be taking anything with me. Whether it’s an object or person, I should not own or love. That’s what I had in mind. And I abided by that principle well. But in the last three months… everything fell apart.

Was it in the elevator, when I first met her, or when she barged into my home drunk… Ever since that indefinite time… 

I have liked her.

I wanted to have her.

And I was afraid of losing her.